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Clothes for the needy

During numerous surveys, Umeed volunteers and staff has noticed that most of the students studying in government schools do not have a proper uniform which they can wear for school. For those living in the cities, buying a set of school uniform is not a difficult task. However, poverty is a serious issue in rural areas and parents of these kids cannot afford to buy uniforms for their kids on an annual basis. What little money they have, they use to make ends meet so naturally, equipping their kids for school would be the last thing on their minds.

Usually people relish all seasons because they have means to withstand the respective intensity of each season. However, not everyone lucky in this regard with a sizeable portion of our country’s population struggling to cope with the adverse weather changes that Pakistan is accustomed to. Inability to keep themselves warm during winters is one of the reasons why the underprivileged class of the society is faced with various health issues. For such people, enjoying the unique weather of the country would be the last thing on their minds. For children, it is even worse. In many areas, children go to schools where the infrastructure is such that it doesn’t protect them from the harsh climate changes occurring each year. And to top it all off, they don’t have the means to dress properly for the weather which as a consequence, adds up to the absentee list in classrooms.

Keeping up with the tradition of reaching out to the community, volunteers of Team Umeed regularly distribute sweaters to the needy school children in the schools of Rawat. For this purpose, the team conducts donation drives within IST and also reaches out to the mission’s well-wishers countrywide. The drive has always been a huge success as we received donations from all corners of the country. A total of 350+ sweaters were distributed among the kids in the year 2015.

Sweaters were distributed in the following schools:
  • GES Channi Alam Shair
  • GES Mankiala
  • GES Abanchak
  • GGES Harakka
  • GES ChakKhas
  • IMSB Bhangril
You can always contact us if you want to help a child or a group of children by providing them with basic school uniform that will serve them for a complete academic year. In order to know more about our clothes for the needy program, send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.
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