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Message from the President

The greatest gift we can give someone is a chance for them to have a better life, a life that we can afford and take for granted at times.

Education is more than just a formality or a tradition – it is the path that leads towards a better future. Not just for us, but also for those around us. Pakistan is a country that shows a lot of promise but this promise is yet to be realized. The biggest reason why this hasn’t happened yet is because for many years, we have not been able to provide every kid in the land with the most basic of needs and essentiality without which one cannot improve their condition.

Taking Pakistan’s literacy rate towards a respectable standing is going to be a very tough task but not an impossible one. This is why it falls on each and every single one of us to do whatever we can to contribute towards this. Through Umeed, we hope to do our part for the society. We are completely focused on giving the underprivileged class of the society a chance to educate themselves and therefore improve their standing in the society which as a consequence, will make them genuine stakeholders of the nation-building process.

Here at Umeed, our volunteers and staff ensure that the whole community is involved when it comes to providing educational assistance to rural areas.

Primary education is critical in the development of children and their communities. Strong and educated communities will play a huge role in shaping Pakistan’s future and for this reason, we ensure that children of rural areas that fall in our radius, have every chance to learn and grow so that their dreams of a better life don’t remain such.

Umeed was started by a young group of volunteers who wanted to bring a change in the lives of the poor and impoverished by bringing health and education to their doorsteps. Apart from giving poor kids a chance to continue their education, Umeed also helps schools in providing a good educational environment by helping schools with their infrastructure development.

In the future, we aim to expand our activities in other remote areas of Pakistan. Thanks to our donors and stakeholders, we have been able to promote our vision across the country and I call everyone to help Umeed continue its activities in a bid to build a better Pakistan.

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