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"Umeed aims to improve Pakistan’s educational condition and bring positive change in the society by helping underprivileged children and giving them a fair chance to create a better future for themselves and for their families through education."

The dedicated members of Team Umeed aim to serve the society by improving the educational condition at the grass-root level. We believe that every child should have an opportunity to learn in an environment which promotes learning.

The inspiration for these goals came from observing the conditions of primary schools in the Rawat area of Islamabad. These schools lacked even the basic provisions such as proper furniture in the classrooms, clean drinking water etc. Our team aspires to provide these schools with these facilities so that the students can enjoy proper academic environment.

Another primary objective for the Team is to provide needy children with the educational necessities such as uniforms, books, stationery etc.

Team Umeed, at its inception, also included the objective of helping the less-fortunate class of Pakistan in its agenda. To accomplish this, the diligent members of Team Umeed keep an eye out for any family in need of financial assistance and establish a network between the donor and the receiving family.

The society also seeks to construct washrooms, libraries and computer labs in schools. It includes the renovation of entire schools as well. This objective, however, depends on the donations of our respected donors.

Along with these regular activities, Team Umeed finds it as an utmost duty to help the fellow citizens in troubled times of natural disasters. Our volunteers are always ready to run campaigns and work in calamity-stricken areas with full zeal.

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