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What we do

  • Provision: Umeed strives to provide teaching assistance to the government schools located in the surrounding rural areas. It also helps in providing financial assistance to those needing health care. Moreover, Umeed focuses on the provision of furniture, equipment and safe drinking water through installation of water purification systems, in such government schools.
  • Repair and Maintenance: Umeed aims to provide financial assistance in repair and maintenance of school buildings and construction of new class rooms.
  • Natural Disasters: Umeed offers help to the people affected by natural disasters.
  • Links: Umeed connects the donor with the deprived students and schools in the rural areas. Through its programs; a donor can help out in the following ways:
    • Adopt a child from a government school
    • Adopt a group of children from a government school
    • Adopt a school or a group of government schools
  • Distribution of Uniforms and Stationery: Team Umeed visits government schools located in rural areas of Punjab and in villages of Islamabad Capital Territory near IST and distributes notebooks, stationery items, uniforms, sweaters and sweets amongst the poor students.
  • Establishment of Computer Lab: Umeed also establishes computer labs in government schools in these rural areas. Through this venture, students are able to keep up with the constantly evolving technological aspect of education.
  • School Renovation and Building Projects: Team Umeed undertakes building repair and renovation projects in schools in rural areas. Through these projects, we are able to improve the infrastructure of schools significantly.
  • Teacher support: Since most of the schools are unable to pay the wages of teachers, Umeed ensures that schools have a sufficient faculty present so that education is not affected. Umeed also conducts regular teacher training workshops where academicians and respected teachers from around the country provide support to these teachers so that they are able to impart education to their students in a better way.
  • Library: Most of the schools in rural areas of Pakistan do not boast a library which means that the children are not equipped with tools that are integral to teaching and learning process. Through a school library, students are able to run independent learning programs which allow them to get their hands on information resources other than their course books. Umeed provides these schools with curricular and extra-curricular books that are helpful for both the students and teachers.
  • Clean drinking facilities: Umeed provides schools in rural areas with clean drinking water facilities since a majority of the schools in far-flung regions do not have such facilities. Umeed has already set up reverse osmosis filtration plants in 20 schools and is currently in the process of doing the same for other schools.
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