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Where do we work?

Umeed has its headquarters set up at the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad from where the executive body manages all the projects. Frequent meetings of the members and volunteers help them discuss ideas and projects. The major projects and events of the team, such as Grand Children’s Gala, are also carried out at the campus.

Umeed has done numerous projects nationwide, in terms of relief activities for natural calamities (flood relief campaigns) and individual cases (medical issues and financial problems) reported. However, the routine practice of Umeed is to provide help to kids in public sector schools in the suburbs of Islamabad. These schools have a limited set-up and are usually run on the assistance provided by donations. Team Umeed has widened its circle over these areas, and is now helping out these schools with any possible infrastructure, stationery, uniforms as well as recreational events and trips.

Umeed Sector Map

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